Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 50 ~ Digging Deep

Monday's challenge didn't seem that difficult when I read the directions:
1) An item that is more than a year old
2) Something that you were given that you have never used - this could be from a swap or a gift, but it has to have come from someone else.
3) Something you forgot you had.
I read the first one, and finding something that was more than a year old.... well I thought I have lots of stuff, but what should I use, so I went on the the second one, hummmm I am not sure that I have received anything from someone else... I then remembered my friend Jenise gave me some ribbon the other day "I bet I could use". The third, well that was almost impossible..... If I had forgot about it, where would I find it; tucked into a sticker envelope I found the missing puzzle piece (literally)!
So there you have it, paper that is way more than a year old, ribbon that was given to me, and the missing piece to my challenge: the puzzle piece! This was a great challenge!


Gloria Stengel said...

Great job! I love that you used a puzzle piece! I have a bag of these that I saved from the kids' old puzzles. Never know when you will need to use one! Thanks for playing at 365 Cards!

PS - I love the card for the sketch...olives...hee hee!

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